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We've been helping entrepreneurs like you make healthcare affordable for over three decades!

Would you like to hear an inspiring healthcare story?

Our Hero

This is you!

What? You say, "That doesn’t seem very likely right now. Healthcare is confusing and expensive!"

I know how you feel. Many of our friends and clients felt that same way before learning our system.

The healthcare industry is scary. 

Most of us don’t use it often enough to know how it works and those of us who do are usually too sick to think about negotiating or questioning authority.

It's much easier to leave it all up to the doctors. They know what they are doing, right? They have our best interest at heart and will make sure we get the best care at the best price, right?

Wrong! Most doctors have no idea how much anything costs or how much the system is rigged against you.

You see, most doctors today have sold themselves and their practice to a big hospital conglomerate because it's confusing to them, too.

Is Oppressed By a Villain

The "Healthcare Cartel”

It’s not your fault, it’s not your doctor’s fault, and it’s not your employer’s fault. Then whose fault is it?

The big insurance companies. Yes!

The big hospital system buying up all the healthcare providers in your area. Yes!

The big pharmaceutical companies. Yes!

The big-government folks. Yes!

The “Healthcare Cartel” or the “Healthcare Syndicate” or the “Healthcare Mafia” or the “Healthcare Protection Racket” – whatever you want to call them.

The big-box insurance companies, along with big-box hospital monopolies, big-PhRMA and big-government – have conspired to continuously increase the “List” prices in order to have “secret”, “negotiated”, “in-network”, “PPO” prices so that we feel confused, ill-equipped and dependent on them.

As a result, you may already believe there is no end in sight. 

The skyrocketing healthcare costs will continue to explode and families will continue to be priced-out.

Our American healthcare finance system is broken beyond repair. To fix it now, we need to reboot it!

And Embarks On a Journey of Discovery

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Break free from the entrapment of the current healthcare delivery and finance model.

As in the movie, The Matrix, you are at a fork in road. Red pill or blue pill?

You can choose “oblivious ignorance” and hope that the government, insurance companies, hospitals and drug companies will take care of you.

Or you can choose “knowledge and wisdom”!

AssureCOR Health Advisors teach a series of measurable money saving tactics to drastically reduce your healthcare spending and guide you from confusion to confidence.

To Lived Happily Ever After

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!

Once you break through and learn to use the free-market healthcare system, you’ll not only know how to protect yourself and your family...

For less than half of what you might be paying now...

But may also...

Have better protection, less out of pocket and more freedom to choose your medical providers...

Have a doctor on call 24 hours a day...

Have more money than you need to pay medical bills if you become critically ill... 

Have money to replace your income if you can’t work...

Have money to replace your income if you die young, so that your dreams for your family are still fulfilled...

Have your income guaranteed for the rest of your life if you live too long, so you don't run out of money when you're too old to work.

And provide the money to pay for home-care, skilled-nursing-care or custodial-care in case you become chronically ill and can’t bath, dress, or feed yourself.

And stop those huge rate increases every year...

And stop worrying whether your doctor is "in-network" or not…

And create a permanent solution to meet your life goals…

And once and for all, just "Set it and forget it"!

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